Are you suffering from to create bootable Linux Live USB drives ?, See this How to to create bootable Linux Live USB drives easily

Do you want to use your usb drive as live bootable usb drive, let see this

First you should have to download tool called UnetbootIn ( Universal Netboot Installer), from this link.

you can download linux version, windows version, mac version based on your operating sytem. This tool need supported softwares like Winrar, Peazip, 7Z installer.So install supported software any one of them. After that If you have speed internet connection, you can choose Distribution option, select distribution, select version, choose in which usb drive you want to install, click ok. It automatically download your choosen Distribution, Installs in your USB drive. See this image

You don’t have Internet connection, you already have offline distribution image file (ISO file) choose disk image option, select distribution from your computer, choose persistent memory, choose usb drive click on ok. see this

Note: You have to always select USB Drive in type option, you don’t have to select Hard Drive option because it install OS in your Hard Drive, Be careful, Do you learn anything?